Thursday, September 4, 2014

MTC Week 5

I cannot believe that I only have one week left! I am so excited and ready to get out into the real field! So....this week has been one of many changes! I have a new companion...namely Elder Pomar. No, Elder Banks did not go home:) What happened is there was a new Latino District that came in (They only stay for two weeks), but it was composed of 8 Hermanas and only one Elder. President Doll asked me if I would be willing to be a member of this district. Elder Pomar is a very hard worker! He is from Thousand Oaks California, and half Chilean. He speaks Spanish well, and for this reason is in the fast tracked two-week group. We get along well! He is on the less athletic minded side, but I can deal with that! We teach very well together. President also called Elder Pomar and I to be zone leaders (over the 7 districts here in the mtc). I thought district leader was a lot of responsibility! I am enjoying the opportunity to serve and have learned a lot about effective leadership!
So...I guess I have been somewhat negligent in answering some of Mom and Dad's questions but here it goes...The food here is very predictable. We usually have some bread and some sort of rice with salsa (a red meat sauce stuff) and meat. It is a lot of carbs haha! My previous district was mainly from Utah, Arizona, and California. My new district has people from Chile, Peru, Guatamala and all over south america! The pictures I send home is the group of all the people who live on the Temple grounds. The other half live in another house nearby. There are about 80 of us in total. I would say 55 Elders to 25 Hermanas.
This week int the Latino District has been so increidible!! I have imporved so much! I felt like I was beginning to plateau, but now that I am immersed in people who only speak spanish, it hasforced me to improve my skills! I am so excited to actually leave and go out to the Mission! Only six more days!! Elder Pomar and I are having a blast together and I have learned so much spanish from him! I feel like the tables have turned, as far as the language goes, compared to my last companionship! However, I really miss how funny and goofy Elder Banks was! I have learned so much from both of these amazing Elders.I am so glad that I decided to work before coming out on the mission! It is so important to know how to work! Many of the younger elders here dont really get the concept of the "law of the harvest." However there are many Elders who do! I cant believe how the time has flown and how much I have learned! Next time I email I will be in the field!!!
Elder Harries

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