Thursday, September 18, 2014

Villa Sur II Week 1

mission home area ...Oh and that pic I sent home was an accident last week. That was Elder Williams, the friend of Kevin Colton that I got along with.

Our street. One of the nicer ones:)


I´ll start off by saying this has by far been the most trying, yet fulfilling week of my life! I am in the Ochogavia Zone, and my sector is Villa Sur II...we are in the Ghetto.

Elder Kenedy is great! He is the District Leader for our district. He speaks the language very well and is friendly! We get along very well. Our personalities are both relatively mild so we haven´t had the least bit of contention this week. As a trainer, it is his responsiblity to take the lead in everything we do, however he is extremely good at including me and asking for my opinions. There hasn´t been a time in which I have sugested something that he completely shut me down. Usually we end up doing what I suggest--he´s just chill about everything haha. He is from San Diego, California and is the youngest of five siblings. He has about 6 months remaining in the mission, which means that we will most likely be together for 6 months here in Villa Sur II. At least that is what he thinks.

The pension we have is pretty average. It is just the two of us together. We have warm showers which is a nice addition. The shower floor doubles as the bathroom floor, and the drain smells and doesn´t drain quickly, but besides that we are several levels above camping:) The electricity goes out whenever you use more than two appliances, but it hasnt really been too bad of a problem. I can´t complain at all though, it is much nicer than most of the homes in which I have been.

Elder Kenedy and I are both new to our sector (white-wash), so our first few days were slow. We also weren´t able to leave the pension at all on Thursday, because aparently the 11 of Sept is a dangerous holiday here. Last year they burnt micros(buses) and crazy stuff like that. We had a lot of fun just the two of us in a 20 by 20 foot space haha. But besides that we have seen some great progess. We have been doing a lot of contacting in our mile by mile (if that) area. I pretty much know my way around. 

We found 5 new investigators this week, and taught 18 lessons. This is an ok week according to mission standards, but we were white washed and in the middle of transfers so we should see some more progress next week. We are one of four missions in the world that is on Pilot Plan. Basically it is a simplified mission work system that helps with reactivation. It seems to have had a lot of success here.

I have had many incredibly spriritual experiences already! All of our new investigators were out of our way, but I saw the house and had the thought to go contact it. It is incredible how the Lord works. Be obedient, work hard and the Lord will put people in your path.

My first lesson on my first full day was very powerful for me. It was with a recent convert named Maria soledad. As I testified of the Book of Mormon I had the most powerful and incredible feeling fill my heart! I began to cry. I knew more in that moment, than I have ever in my life that this book is true. I am here for a reason. I am going to work as hard as I can to bring souls to Christ. He lives. This work is not mine, but His. I am so happy!!

Elder Harries

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