Thursday, September 4, 2014

MTC Week 4

view from the roof of the ccm

Francisco Escobar, Grandma's friend

 This is Chica, the one eared friendly dog


This week has gone by so fast it is not even funny! It feels like yesterday I was just emailing home!! (sorry mom) Not too much happened this week, besides an earthquake. We were all sitting in class reading and I felt my leg moving back and forth. I thought that was weird and that maybe I was having a muscle twitch. LOL well....I quickly realized it was not a muscle twitch and that it was a full blown 6.2 Earthquake! It was the coolest thing ever!! I cannot describe the feeling...almost like standing on gelatin. I wasn't really scared but more enthralled I guess. I got up and started surfing...Looking back I guess that was pretty stupid and I should have been more cautious. But hey, it was my first earthquake. Apparently it was the largest since the huge one back in 2010. They get earthquakes here every few months or so, so I wonder what the normal ones will feel like.

As far as the rest of the week goes, nothing really special to report on. We have had some pretty good teachers and they have been really helpful. I am usually the one who is translating for the rest of the students because of the teachers limited English. It has been really helpful to work on my Spanish. Today on Preparation Day I was able to clearly communicate with some Chileans. It was really neat to see the progression I have made here. I really can't wait to be immersed in the language though. I feel like I am at a bit of a standstill. However, I still do have a lot to learn here.

As far as the Chilean people go, everyone in the City smokes all the time. I sometimes wonder if the smog is from the cars or people! I have a lot of work to do! The Chilean people fall into two categories from what I have seen so far, which is very limited. They are either the nicest people and humblest people you have ever met, or they have a really really tough shell. I think it just depends on their views of Americans. 

So, funny story..ish. Elder Banks and I went to this Papeleria to get the covers of our Preach My Gospel handbooks laminated. The man told me it would take no more than an hour....Well 1:45 later, and only our two English ones were I guess I am going to have one of our good friend/teachers pick it up for me. It was kind of funny when I told him I would be back in a week, until I reallized I could have a teacher pick it up for him.

I dont really have too much more. I am feeling really good and I love the people here! The CCM is the most enriching place I have ever been in. I have learned so much about myself here. I never recognized how prideful I was until I got out here. I have a long ways to go! Please keep me in your prayers! I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is the only way! He stands waiting for us! I love you all!!

Elder Harries

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