Monday, October 6, 2014

Villa Sur II Week Four

General Conference in the Gringo room! Felt like America!

Crammed micro


What a week! We were able to watch all of the General Conference in English...besides the native Spanish speakers:) Wasn´t that incredible for the speakers to be able to speak in their native language?!? I learned so much!! I´ll get to that in a moment, but first the weekly review.

I forgot to mention a very special experience that we had last week! Omar and Coni, our investigators took the challenge to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Coni said that as she sat on her knees waiting for an answer, she had a vision/dream of Elder Kennedy and me. She saw our faces and they were shining very brightly. "illuminado" is the word she used in spanish. It was so powerful and they have been so faithful in reading the Book of Mormon together every night. They are such an inspiration to me!

I have noticed that genuine service is a very easy way to build confidence with people who don´t know you or your message. We have had great success with people by simply offering them service and helping with small things. Jesus Christ is our perfect example in this area!

It has surprised me how little members of the Church, recent converts and active members alike, understand about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is the center of our entire message, and yet it is hardly understood at all. Elder Kennedy and I have been working very hard to teach in a simple yet profound way the incredible Gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It makes me think back to the comment by Elder Callister in the autographed book I have of his. "I hope this book allows you to teach the Atonement with power and clarity on the mission!"

Ok! Now to General Conference! I had so many personal questions going in to the conference, and I was amazed as it felt like all of the speakers were speaking directly to me! All of my questions were answered within the first hour of the first session! I am so pumped to go out and put these answers to use! I realized that I had been slacking in my personal development, and was not taking enough intiative. We have this great gift from God, agency--the ability to act. We need to use it often and wisely! I absolutely loved the talk by Elder Robbins about who do you face? It was exactly what I needed! I also loved Elder Christofferson and Elder Uchtdorf´s talks!!! Every talk was awesome for that matter!!! 

In short I saw three major themes this conference:
1. Take personal responsibilty and act. Determine who you are going to be and who you are going to serve, and do it.
2. Use often the right to personal revelation.
3. Follow the Prophet.

I love you all and hope you are all doing well! You are in my prayers!!!

Elder Harries

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