Saturday, October 4, 2014

Villa Sur II Week Three


Time truly does fly when you are on the mission! Today marks two months since I left home! That blows my mind! It makes every moment so precious, and I don't want to waste a minute! This week has been so incredible! I learned so much about myself and others! The Lord has blessed us with many miracles!!

Elder Kenedy and I helped our first investigators decide to be baptized! Their names are Omar and Coni and they have so much faith! They already have plans to get married on the 24th, so we will be holding the baptismal service on the 1 of November! They came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it! I am so happy for the faith they are developing!

Members are so crucial to the work! Elder Kenedy and I were walking in a small pasaje when all of a sudden we hear "Elders!" It was a man who had just been baptized 16 months ago! He was with his work partner outside her house! He had been sharing with her all about the change in his life since he joined the church. She had us in and we taught her with her work partner. She is very interested, and now has a great support system. She has a large family that has a lot of faith!

I have learned so much about life in these short weeks. I thought that I knew everything and that the mission wouldn't be too challenging for me. How wrong I was. I have been deeply humbled as I have sought the Lord's guidance and counsel every minute of every day. I know that each mission is uniquely designed for every person. Every challenge and person I have met have taught me what I need to change in order to more fully follow Christ's example. The Lord sometimes brings us to our knew in order to lift us onto higher ground! I don't know everything, but I know that the Lord loves me and is with me in every step of the way!

Matthew 16:25 is so true! When we lose our life for the Lord, we find out who we are and what our potential is! I love you all! Thanks for all the prayers! You are in mine!

With Love,
Elder Harries

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