Sunday, June 26, 2016

Peñaflor 2 Week 4


Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!!

Muchas gracias por los correos! I love receiving your letters and appreciate the kind words you all wrote me! I love you all! I had a great week!!!

So the family of four that we are teaching all went to church and loved it! The ward was so excited to see them there!! Then last night, Diego Vidal (the great returned missionary I talked about) organized a "noche de hogar" with the whole ward and went over to their house to invite them. They came and loved it and then the 16 year old daughter stayed after with the Young Women for mutual! They are going to attend church and get baptized soon!!!

On Wednesday I went back to Talagante on divisions and saw Filomena, the 83 year old woman we baptized! She was pretty sick but very excited to see me! It was a very tender experience. I also saw Cony the single mother of three who I taught there. She got baptized just a few weeks after I left!! It was very special.

Then on Thursday we woke up early at 4.45 to go to the Temple with President and our group that goes home. It was an incredible experience. I learned so much and felt so much peace as I gave an accounting of my mission to the Lord. Then in the temple a member of the Temple Presidency came and spoke to us. He said some very powerful things:

-"It doesn`t matter how many time you enter into the temple, but rather how many times the temple enters into you."
-"I had success in life because applied the ordinances in my life, and I learned to value my wife."
-"People who are successful understand the ordinances, and apply them."

After the temple, I took the chance to go say goodbye to Hermano Escobar, the good friend of Grandpa and Grandma Barnes. He was so happy to see me and sent his love and appreciation to grandma! When I got to the security desk, I asked them to call him and say that I was President Barnes grandson. The man look at me and said, "You`re his grandson! He is a legend here!" He explained how loving he was and that he had invited him to a special dinner with he and grandma and it was the best food he had ever eaten. I`m not sure if grandma remebers him, but his name was Luis Ampuero. Following the temple, we had a lunch with President and Hermana in their home and had a small meeting.

I am excited for church tomorrow and can`t wait to see the family of four there again. Please pray for them to have a great experience tomorrow and to have a stronger testimony of the restoration. 

I love being a missionary and I know this is the Lord`s work. I`m not trunky at all. I`m not slowing down, but speeding up! I will use every second I have to wear the Lord`s name on my heart to preach His gospel and testify of His Atonement, Restored Church and glorious plan of Salvation. I know the Lord lives. I know His voice. I know that His gospel is true and brings peace and everlasting joy to our life. 

Have a great week!

With love,

Elder Harries

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