Monday, November 10, 2014

Villa Sur II Week 9


Wow! I cannot believe we are already halfway done with this transfer! This week flew by! First things first, the conference with Elder Nelson was incredible! I walked away so uplifted and with a stronger testimony of living prophets and apostles on the Earth today. As I shook his hand and looked into his eyes, I knew he was an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. In total we heard from Elder Viñas, Elder Christensen (Presidency  of the Seventy), Elder Nelson and their wives. I wish that I could share all the incredible things that were discussed, but I will briefly explain what Elder and Sister Nelson shared. (Unfortunately I forgot my notes in the pension....somethings never change)

Sister Nelson told us that if there were two things that she would have us "see" every day they would be (1) Who we were before we came to this Earth and (2) All those on the other side who are helping us. We were valiant disciples of Christ before we were born. We made covenants about the things we would do while here. Although we cannot remember, we should earnestly seek to find out our potential, and fulfill the tasks on our "premortal list" before any other worldly pursuit.

Elder Nelson spoke for nearly 40 minutes solely on the Abrahamic Covenant, citing scripture from all four standard works...linking them all together masterfully. I thought I understood the significance of the Abrahamic Covenant before....I really wish that I could share everything that he said, but without my notes, and due to the sacred nature of the material, I think I will write it down and send it in a letter so I don´t mess it up. 

Besides the conference on Saturday, we had an incredible week. Elder Kennedy and I get along really well and are being as obedient as possible. We have found some really great people, and are hoping for some baptisms in December! I love this area and the incredible people here!

Some fun stories:
We were walking to the bus stop through the ferria, and I saw a razor for hair! I asked the guy how much it costs and it was a mil (about $1.75). I now don´t have to use a voltage transformer!!!

Tuesday night Elder Kennedy and I were going to the pension and we saw a cabinet thing on the side of the road. We needed something like it so we took it home! haha we figured we could use it more than the dump truck or flaites(gangsters) who would burn it in the middle of the street for fun! Ill send some pics next week.

Last monday night we were walking home and walked past this crazy man with a sack over his shoulder. I got this super bad feeling. We started walking super fast back for the pension. We go there and the members next door were outside. We talked for a few minutes, and then went back for our house. As Elder Kennedy opened the gate, the crazy man rounded the corner. He saw us and started yelling and ran at us. I got inside and was fumbling the keys and almost crapped my pants. I got the gate shut as his face was like 2 feet from mine. I think he just wanted food, but it was pretty funny afterwards, because it felt like a movie when I was fumbling the keys and Elder Kennedy was saying "get inside! get inside!" Hahaha I love the mission!

I am so happy to be here and have felt the Spirit so powerfully! I know this work is true and that the Lord protects and watches over His children! I love you all!!

Elder Harries

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