Saturday, March 12, 2016

Esquina Blanca Week 5

"Hay montones de excusas, pero siempre hay una razón para servir"
"There are loads of excuses, but there is always a reason to serve."

-Pte. Barreiros


We had a great week! A whole lot of work going to and back from Presidents house. To answer Dad´s question, yes I got an international driver´s lisence and am driving. The mission has two cars, an automatic van and a manual truck. It is fun to learn driving manual and I am glad to have the skill for the future. The Chileans don´t really obey driving all so we pray a lot when we drive haha its a good excersize of faith.

We had Osvaldo´s baptism last Sunday! It was a great service and President and Hermana came to support. He is a great man and I admire his determination to follow the Savior. We are now in the search to help even more come to Christ.

We had the strangest experience last night. We were sleeping and at 2:00 AM. We heard this weird voice in broken english saying "You left the keys in the door, thats stupid man, you could get robbed." repeated serveral times very loudly. I sleep on the top bunk (there are two bunks and four of us). I looked up and saw a man in our apartment talking to us!!! It turns out it was the security guard of the apartment building, one of the elders in our apartment left the keys in the door??? but the crazy thing was that we just started laughing and went back to sleep and he left the keys on the table in the ktichen. and left. It was soooo weird. I guess the guy felt that he was on security,so he could enter our house. We can´t stop laughing haha.

Well we a great week and I love you all! 


Elder Harries

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