Sunday, April 26, 2015

Las Naciones Week 1

Book of Mormon an old lady gave me! From 1952, before the Church arrived in Chile!!!

new companion Elder McDermott


Well I am in a new sector!!! Las Naciones! What a difference from Ochagavía! I have a new companion elder McDermott from St. George Utah. He just finished training and his spanish is a bit rusty, but we are going to work really hard and I know we will have lots of success! It is quite funny because our companions switched! I hear that the old companion was a good missionary so I feel good leaving the sector and Elder Rivera in his hands! 

Here is the poem from the other week, I´ve done quite a bit of walking so I have lots of time to think about things haahha:


The steps along the road of life
At times too little to be seen
Converge as two sides of a knife
Chiseling us into being.

It matters not how large the step,
Which way you walk is what counts more.
With faith in Christ and covenants kept,
The Lord´s rich blessings are in store.

The biggest step a man may take,
Taken in the wrong direction
Causes but pain, and grief and ache,
And halts eternal progression.

Each step we take, each choice we make
Becomes a part of who we are:
A stream that flows into a lake--
The light proceeding from a star.

To each and every human Soul
God´s great gift of choice is bestowed.
Our duty is to set the goal,
And in obedience walk the road.

Its a little rusty I think I might change a few things but there ya go.

There are so many things that I want to share but so little time! I hope that I will be able to type fast!!!

General Conference was incredible! I learned so many incredible things. I had a lot of personal revelation and questions answered. One of my questions was how I could come to know better the voice of the Holy Ghost, and during President Monson´s talk I had a distinct impression that I needed to go to the Temple, but we don´t ever go as a mission. I wrote it down however, and today President anounced that we would start going to the temple as a mission! I know that God answered prayers and that when we ask, we will find. I have so many insightst that I would like to share with you, but I think I will just write a letter home!

I really will miss Elder Rivera. He and I have grown really close and I love him like a brother. He was definitely my most difficult companion, but also the one from whom I learned the most. At first I thought that he was going to be "the most special convert" of the sector, but I realized that I was completely was me. I learned to love, and be patient, and encourage, and trust and hold back. He is really a great spirit with a lot of potential. I was very impacted about the story of the two missionaries on bikes from conference.

On Tuesday we passed by an investigators house. She was an old lady that said her son was a member. She told us that she had a old book of mormon...and she gave it to me!!! It is in such good condition and from 1952...before the Church arrived here in Chile. I think it is one of the first books to arrive here. I felt really bad for Elder Rivera, and offered it to him, but he wouldn´t accept it. I gave him a really cool wooden plan of salvation puzzle that Elder Kennedy gave to me. I thought it was fiiting since he trained me and I passed it on.

Oh and we had some cats enter our pension through the window. I woke up to Elder Rivera freaking out trying to kick this cat haha I got the thing on film bu the cat got out through the window. It ate some of his food haha.

It was very difficult to say goodbye to Villa Sur II. It had become like home for me. I really love the people there and will miss them a lot! I love the mission and will keep you updated on what is to come!!!

Love you all,

Elder Harries  

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