Sunday, April 26, 2015

Las Naciones Week 3


¿Cómo estàn? Thanks for the emails! I love hearing from you and all that is going on at home! It truly is crazy how time passes so quickly! It sounds like everyone is sure busy and preparing for the summer vacation that is around the corner! Can´t believe we will talk in three weeks!!

This week was very exciting...sickness hit the pension and my companion got sick and laid in bed the whole morning on Friday. I took time to study and write some letters was pretty lame. I started to get some headaches like him, but lucklily it didn´t seem to affect me too bad and we didn`t have to lose too much work time. We ate some "guatita" or cow stomach the day before and he didn´t know what it was until after I told him...maybe that was part of it I don´t know haha.

We found some really prepared investigators this week. One is named Manuel. He has 21 years. He has been reading and praying and wants to do what is right. We felt impressed to teach him the Plan of Salvation, because he didn´t really understand the need for Jesus Christ. We left the pamphlet with him and the next day we went back to meet with him. He had read it all and said. "I want to go the to the Celestial Kingdom" It was pretty special. We then taught the Restoration and shared the Book of Mormon. He read all the testimonies and into 1 Nephi and said that after praying he felt something really powerful and good, the Holy Ghost. He compared himself to Joseph Smith at first, because he was scared, but then he understood that it was an answer. He is very excited to be baptized! However he couldn`t attend church last minute because he had to go visit his Grandma who got sick. We were pretty disappointed, but we aren`t giving up on him.

We had some others who wanted to attend church but last minute didn´t show up either. It is really frustrating at times. I really feel like I am doing all that I can. I know that I must respect the agency of others and do all that is in my power. I have been focussing a lot on "an eye single to the glory of God." I am trying not to let my pride and desires for others approval to be my motivation. I truly desire the happiness and peace of others and it breaks my heart when they don`t accept what I know so dearly to be true. I can`t imagine how the savior felt.

I love the mission I love serving and I love being happy and healthy! Life is a great opportunity to grow! I know that the Lord is in control and that when we are patient and have faith, great things happen! 

Love you all,
Elder Harries

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