Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 28


Wow loved the letters filled with intense church basketball and March madness!!!! I love this time of year!!! This week was a good one with a lot of exciting and new things happening. I am trying not to wind down as I know that it is my last change here in Villa Sur and only have two weeks left. We are searching and praying for miracles!

This week was a good one in the Chapel. Both Omar and Cony attended with there baby. I think they are going to bless him next week and have asked me to do it for them!!! I felt so honored and am so happy for them. Omar goes back to work this week and ends his vacations. He does a great job with the young men in our ward. Callings are so important for new members.

I had the idea to make invitations for Church this sunday. We passed out about 40 of them promissing frugeles (the super good gummies that Nathan likes). It was really neat to see that as we wrote the names of everyone we could think of to give the invitations, as we were walking throughout the day, we crossed paths with so many of them. I know that when we have a plan and use our own thinking, God will help us and make up the difference. Just like in Ether 3 with the Brother of Jared and the stones.

Yesterday President and Hermana Barreiros held a "reunion especial" or basically a fireside for investigators, new members and less actives. We took a new member from our Ward, Myriam, and she loved it. She reminds me such of mom. Always really busy but makes time for the things that are important. I love her motivation to change her life. She started a night class to get here highschool degree and is very active and involved in the church. The fireside was great and it was powerful to hear the conversion stories of President and Hermana.

I have been thinking a lot about the Love of God. I remember a quote from general conference a few years ago that said "God´s love is not unconditional." That was hard for me to take, but after studdying much about the character of God this week (in PME lesson 1), I realized that it doesn´t mean that God doesn´t love all of His children. He does infinitely. What the quote means is that His love ( or Atonement) is received and the power is felt only through obedience to the Gospel and Covenants we make through the proper Priesthood authority.

In an answer to Mom´s question, we do teach a lot of less active and new members the same lessons we teach those who are investigating the church. In fact principles from those lessons along with principles from the Book of Mormon are practically all that we teach OR study. I love it. Even though it is the same doctrine I already know, I always learn something new. I encourage all of you to study Preach My Gospel, especially chapters 3 and 6. They are os great!!!! Love you all and I am well!!!


Elder Harries

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