Saturday, March 21, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 27


How is it going? This week was really great, and again I can´t really remember anything that happened. 7 months is a long time in a sector! I love it though! Thanks for the prayers for the bishop! He recovered well and is back to work. He is a good guy with good intentions, and does the best with what he has. I don´t know if I have mentioned this, but about 2 years ago when a 70 set apart our Stake President, he told him that Ochagavía was statistically the worst stake in the world. Makes me feel good about the progress we have made in the ward.

We had a conference with President this Friday. It was very enlightening and I recieved a lot of inspiration and made some goals to improve. President and Hermana Barreiros are great leaders and always make me want to be better! At the end of the conference, we watched the movie "Meet the Mormons." I really enjoyed it, and it about killed me when it started out in Atlanta, and then I saw Matt Taylor and Lindsey. Hahaha wasn´t homesick, it was just a bit weird haha.

So I went on divisions this week with Elder Bradley. They live really far from their sector in a big apartment building in the city. We arrived there and he forgot his key to get into the pension (remind you of someone??). Well we tried a few things to open the door and nothing worked, so I knocked next door and asked the man if I could use his balcony....haha it was 5 stories up and I climbed along the side to the balcony of their apartment. It made me feel like spiderman. They had left the balcony door open so I went in and opened the door for Elder Bradley. This companionship needs a bit of help and I have truly learned to love and serve them.

The mission is continuing as normal. I am really happy, but still looking to improve and search for personal revelation in what I can do to see more results. I know that revelation is essential to have success in life. In the reunion, President shared what he found was the key to success in life and in acheiving goals:

1. Planning
2. Communication
3. Follow Up

I think that one of my biggest weakness is the communication part. I need to communicate better my goals and expectations with my companion, ward leaders, investigators etc. I will defintely put an enphasis on this in the weeks to come. I am also striving to pray with more faith and make my prayers more meaningful. 

I love the mission because it requires us to constantly strive to improve, learn and overcome obstacles. Of course the reason behind the mission is to bring others to Christ, but I cant help but take joy in all the added benefits and skills it has taught me. I know, as did Paul when he said "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!" Philip. 4:13

Love you all,

Elder Harries

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