Saturday, March 21, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 23

Picture with our district anterior. Elder Ballard and Elder Barrero.

The Lady in the Wheelchair is Rosa. Her son looks just like Max Valz!!!!

The short man is a menos activo named Mario Quesada

¿Como están? This week went by incredibly fast! I have so much to say and so little time!! This weekend was a great opportunity for me to recieve a lot of personal revelation and inspiration for the work! I hope that I can share a few of the things that I learned with you!

Saturday we had Elder Gonzalez of the Seventy come to speak to our mission! He was incredble! He focused entirely on our purpose as missionaries here in Chile, or as they describe in Church Headquarters..."Full-purpose missionaries" He explained that although we have the added responsibility of retaining and reactivating, we cannot lose the vision of the work which is to baptize. It is only through the ordinance of baptism that people can begin to access the Atonement. It was very insightful and clarified a lot of doubts and questions that I had. He opened it up for questions at the end and man does he know the Scriptures..incredible!! It makes me want to be better and study harder.

Sunday the bishop asked me to give another last-minute talk on the Priesthood. I felt good about the message, and shared about the necessity of the Priesthood in performing ordinances and also the importance of maintaining ourselves pure as holders of the priesthood and members of the Church. (DyC 121:36-46) Funny as 3 of 4 of us siblings gave talks this Sunday!

Sorry I don´t have much time! The work is going well! We are seeing miracles everyday! We found an incredible investigator yesterday named Rosa who accpeted to be baptized on the 7th. We are going to help her progress. She is in a wheelchair so we will have to find our how to help her get to church. 

Sorry so short but know that I am happy and love you all!

Elder Harries

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