Saturday, March 21, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 24


I cannot believe that I am already in my 6th transfer as a missionary....5th here in Villa Sur II!!!! We had a great transfer meeting this morning with the whole mission! I can say with all my heart that I will miss the people here when I have to leave at the end of the transfer. 7+ months really allows you to become involved in the daily life of the people. I feel like family and want to finish this change the best missionary that I can be. I love this sector and am so grateful to get to stay and serve these people. I was called as a district leader...the lord always knows how to humble me..I think that I am too prideful, so he gives me more opportunities to rely on him. 

This week flew by...I know that you all want details about what is happening but when I sit down to write all I get is a blank I guess that I will describe my feelings toward the missionary work.

When I began the mission I had a very different idea of what it would be like. I expected to walk the streets and enter hundreds houses and to bring tons of people to church and work well wtih the members...all of which are very possible and are and should be our goal. But as I have gained more experience in the mission I have realized that whille all of these things are very important, the most important change that takes place is within our own hearts.

I have come to know my Savior more closely in these short 7 months than in my whole life. I know that He lives and is walking with me. I know that the mission is not easy, because salvation is not easy. We come to know the way our Heavenly Father feels towards us when we make mistakes or when we chose the right. We come to love and serve and forget who we are. We are humbled to our knees more times than we can count and lifted to our feet more times than we could ever hope for or deserve. I know that Jesus Christ lives. His Atonement is real and is accessed through covenants with HIm. (DyC 84:19-20). I love this work and wouldn´t have it any way else.

With love,

Elder Harries

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