Saturday, March 21, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 22


Wow another week down and I cannot believe it. Like Mom and Dad have said the mission flies by!! It will be sad to not have Elder Bertagna in in the mission office! Send him my love and tell him thanks for the ties! This week has been an incredible lesson from the Lord. I have learned so much and I am determined to become better and to use the talents that the Lord has given me!

We have had a full week, and as many people have been traveling fewer lessons and more opportunities to find and teach new people. After studying in Jacob 5 in a district meeting I had the impression that we need to drop some people (mainly menos activos) who haven´t progressed in the whole time that I have been here. We have seen some great results and are focusing on helping people have the vision of a temple sealing, and eventually Eternal Life. I know that the Lord lives and blesses us when we are obedient.

Elder Rivera and I are doing well and we get along great! He is very eager to learn, and since we are both quite new we have relying heavily on the Lord for things to work out. I know that we will have success together and I hope that we can align our will with the Lord´s in order to help more of His children recieve the Gospel.

I have learned a lot from Alma 32:40-43. If we exercise faith and diligence and patience, always with our goal to have fruit we will reap our rewards. I have been trying to focus a lot on patience. So many times I want immediate results and miracles (fruits) but am not patient enough. Conversion is a natural process, and like all natural processes takes time. I loved the quote from Elder Scott, "Forced obedience never produces enduring fruit." I am learning to love the mission in all ways. I know that difficult times precede the miracles that the Lord prepares for us. (Ether 12:6)

We are reading the New testament as preparation for a Conference con Elder Gonzalez of the Seventy this Saturday. I am very excited to hear him speak and will be praying to recieve much inspiration. I am trying to focus more on what I can do better and seek personal revelation from the Lord instead of worrying about things that are out of my control. I apologize for not sharing any great stories this week, but know that I am REALLY happy and cannot wait to get off the computer so I can go share the Gospel! Love you all and have a great week!!!


Elder Harries

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