Saturday, March 21, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 25


This week was a really fun and eventful one. Unfortuantely I didn´t get a Preparation Day today because we had to go to the inner city and take care of y visa and get an identity. It was a crazy experience and felt like it was a scavenger hunt. Elder Rivera stayed in the sector with another missionary from the zone, and I went with Elder Clegg. It was a long day that started at 5:30..Hahaha I am so exhausted and sick of public transport:) It was so cool though, because in all the long lines we found some students from the united states who were taking a semester abroad. It felt so weird to talk to people in English and our age. For a moment it didn´t seem right. We were able to share some of what we do and believe and it was a really cool experience.

The culture here in Chile is really fun. We eat almost every day in a members house. It is a little crazy at times. They love to make really hot foods and soups in the summer. One of the most common is Casuela and Porotos grandados. They are both really good, but at times it feels like you are refilling the bowl with all the sweat dropping off your forehead. There is always a big bottle of soda, but I always just ask for water, or sometimes they make juice.

As far as photos I have some really good ones, but won´t be able to send them because I still havent been back to the pension since this morning. I have a great photo with Cristóbal, the newborn baby of Omar and Cony! Cony was in labor for like 12 hours and the basically had to push the baby out of her with pure force. He weighed almost 4 kilos (huge) and was born early. Cony is in a lot of pain and it is dificult for her to get to church. Omar attends regularly. but we hope that Cony doesn´t get out of the habit of attending.

I have been studdying much about having faith, hope and charity, and the relationship that exists between them all. I love the way in which Mormon describes them in Moroni 7. I have strived diligently to develope the attributes of Christ here in the mission and increase my faith. i know that faith without personal action is not faith. I am striving to exercise faith!!! We can do so and increase it in three fundamental ways. 1. Fervent, humble and heartfelt prayer. 2. Studying and listening to the Word of God (scriptures, church, temple) 3. Acting and obeying the commandments we have been given, and making and keeping covenants.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and directs this church. I know that we can always recieve His divine aid. I know that patience, faith and hope are principles of love. I love the Lord and I love the mission!

Elder Harries

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