Sunday, April 26, 2015

Las Naciones Week 2

Votar should be spell botar...pretty funny I think haha
Huge apple. the fruit here is crazy haha


To answer some of your questions I love this new area! It is hard to be in a new area with new people, but it is also very refreshing. 5 changes, or 7 months is a long time in a tiny sector. This sector is about twice the size of the last one. I am still a district leader, we have two other elders and two hermanas. They are good and hard working, and I am looking forward to being able to serve them! 

It is quite funny because this is the same sector that Elder Palacios was in, and now he is my Zone Leader! The area here is a bit more afluent, and the ward has some members who are on top of things. Our bishop is 29 years old and is a returned missionary. There are about 5 returned missionaries here that want to work...its great. Elder McDermott said that they hardly ever used the members, so we started visiting a lot of them and they are really excited to work. I made a calendar for them to accompany us and this week we will have people coming to help every day. It is really nice to have the whole ward, because we can use everyone.

Elder McDermott is a great missionary. He is from St. George, Utah and is very obedient and hard working. I love the way he is always happy and upbeat. He has a hard time with the language, so I pretty much only speak to him in Spanish, and help him with the grammar (which is key to be able to build a vocabulary). He has progressed a lot in the past week. The dynamic is a little different in the house because we are 4 elders. It is fun, but at times i think I like living on my own a bit better. The others are somewhat disobedient;(

We had some incredible miracles this week!!! We were visiting a house and the person was ocupada "busy"(happens a lot haha) and there was a young man just waiting behind us. We were a bit creeped out, but he came up to us and told us he was a member and wanted to come back to church. Hes 20 years old and wasnt on the records. He came to church this Sunday!!!

Another miracle...We were looking for a house and didn`t know where we were, when a lady with her mom crossed paths with us and said hi. She was a new member that just moved to our sector about a month ago. She lives with her mom, husband and two daughters. Her mom is super catolica, and didnt want anything to with the missionaries..wouldnt even talk to us. We were friendly though, and kept talking with the daughter. We asked if we could visit her, but she said no because her mom wouldn`t let her. We kept on talking and testified a little bit to invite the Spirit, and then the mom all of a sudden said that she wasnt going to be in the house on Saturday, and that we could pass by!!! We did and the whole family came to church on Sunday! One of the little girls is 8 years old and wants to be baptized!! 

I love being a servant of Christ! I know that He is with us and that when we do what he wants and follow the Sprit, miracles happen. I love the Lord and want to be better. The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith was the Lord`s prophet. The Church of Jesus Christ is His Church. I love you all!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Harries

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