Monday, August 3, 2015

Monumento Week 4


First off, Happy Birthday Nathan!!!! I cannot believe how old you are! Just playing;) 

This week went quite well, and we had a lot of fun together. Elder Rackham and I get along really well and are striving to improve. We did a few divisions this week with some elders who are having dificulties...obedience is so important. I love 1 John 2, where it talks about how our obedience is the manifiestation of how well we know the Savior. It is a powerful chapter.

I have been striving to improve my prayers, and make them more sincere and meaningful. I never realized how crucial prayer is in changing ourselves and making us more like the Savior. I have made some personal goals to improve my prayers and be more diligent. I love this article, it helped me very much! 

Last night I saw something pretty I have previously mentioned there are many dogs here...cats as well. We were walking and saw two dogs chasings a cat. One was a rotwiler(dont know how to spell it). He got the cat and killed it by shaking it viciously. It was one of those moments where I didn´t want to watch, but I couldn´t not...if that makes sense. He carried it away and then dropped it on someone´s lawn. Then they followed us for like a mile, acting like tamed, docile pets (My comp and I were freaking out haha). I was pretty disturbed, and it made me start thinking about the value of life, and how the earthly life we have is so fragile. We never know when our time is up. I also thought about spiritual death, and the consecuences of sin. Satan wants to do to us spiritually exactly what the dog did to the cat, shake us, kill us spiritually and leave us completely alone. Many times, Satan will feign a docile, peaceful or innocent face, while inside he is a vicious killer.

On a happier note, we had some really powerful lessons. We have been striving to work better with the members, and have seen some incredible results from using the members to help teaching. Their testimonies are so powerful and much more relatable than those of two Americans. I love the mission work! I know that Christ lives and is our Savior and Redeemer. God is our loving Heavenly Father. I am so pleased to be his servant, although whatever I do, I will be forever an indebted servant!(Mosiah 2:20-25) I love and miss you all! Pray and read the scriptures! They are the key to revelation and personal development!

Con amor,

Elder Harries

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