Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monumento Week 7


First off, Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much and hope that you enjoy your birthday present! You mean so much to me! I´m sure you all are wondering why I am writing on Tuesday. President changed our preparation days to tuesdays so that we will be able to attend the temple if we desire. I am very excited and hope to attend frequently. We can also go to the feria(there isnt feria on mondays) and get some fruit! We got about 6 pounds of oranges for 80 cents! 

This week is also the week of transfers. Elder Rackham and I will be staying together, so we are pretty excited. President decided to mix things up for his last year here. Normally we would have the whole mission transfer meeting together on Monday, but now it will be on Wednesday with the "greenies." It should be really fun. Elder Rackham and I will be doing divisions with some of them tonight. President is pretty creative and always like to keep us on our toes.

Elder Rackham and I decided to start contacting our neighbors in the apartment in which we live. We have found many incredibly prepared people. I feel so foolish for not searching there sooner. Everyone sees us leave everyday, so I think that we have some respect for us. I also have the theory that people are much less likely to reject you if they think that they have a chance of seeing you more frequently.

Ximena´s baptism will be this Saturday! She is so excited and can´t wait. She has some family who are members in a nearby part of the city. They have been a great influence on her. Our example is so powerful and affects so many people. Thank you mom and dad for your powerful examples to me.

We have a lot of investigators with potential. We are working to exercise our faith and show them love so that they may overcome the obstacles that prevent them from accepting the gospel entirely. I know that love is very powerful and that it speaks 100x more powerfully than our lips do. I love this country and the people who live here. Happy Birthday mom and have a great day and week!!!!

Elder Harries

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