Monday, September 7, 2015

Monumento Week 10


Quote of the Week: "En la vida siempre hay dos puertas: la de reacción y la de acción. Reacción es del diablo. Acción es de Dios."
"In life there are always two doors: reaction and action. Reaction is the Devil´s and Accion is God´s." -A man we are teaching named Enrique.

We had a wonderful week! I will try to be more detailed in this email:) We went to the temple with Ximena this week! She was so excited to do baptisms for the dead and was baptized for her mother! She was crying and so happy. It is so important that the new members have a chance to go right after their baptisms. She is very strong and is already in Alma 5! In just two weeks of being a member! 

On Saturday Ruben got baptized! He had been investigating the church for over a year! His brother and cousin are members, but he stuggled so much to stop smoking. We were on the verge so many times of dropping him, but one day in a prayer we felt the sincerity of his desire to obey this commandment. Since he had already recieved all the teaching like three times, we decided to go and read from the Book of Mormon every day for a few minutes. It took about three weeks, but it worked!!! There is such power in that book!

We found an incredible family of four last Sunday night. They all came to church! They are named Jorge, Ximena, Belen and Valentina. Another Ximena!!! We took the recent convert Ximena to visit them and they talked so much and are now pretty good friends. Please pray for them. They are really nice and loving, but have doubts about the apostasy and priesthood power as they both grew up very Catholic. I know that they can know for themselves if they just pray with sincerity to know. Please pray that they will do that.

Yesterday I saw the gift of tongues! Elder Rackham and I found a family of 4! The parents are both deaf, and the dad was a member as a little kid, but left because no one knew sign language. His daughter of 11 translated for us. He also told us that he wants to teach us. We learned so much so quickly! It really is very simple and easy. They are very humble and an incredible family. 

I love you all and feel your prayers! Have a great week!


Elder Harries

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