Monday, September 7, 2015

Monumento Week 9


Quote of the week: "No importa lo que sea la cosa atractiva, no hay nada más importante que nuestra propia salvación"-Obispo Montalba
"No matter how appealing something is, there is nothing more important than our personal salvation"

I have decided that I will share a quote each week from the people with whom I talk. I have learned so much from these people and want to share some of their wisdom with you all. This was a quote from our ward´s bishop in the baptism of Ximena. 

Ruben wasn´t baptized this past week because he didn´t feel ready yet and hadn´t completely stopped smoking, but for sure he will be baptized this weekend!! Please continue to pray for him. He is a very great guy who has a lot of conflicting opinions at home. I know that he will be strong and endure to the end. 

I bet that it was awesome to have those two mission presidents share with all the youth! I love our mission president and his wife! They are incredible. They came to speak in our ward! They did a great job and as always taught exactly what our ward needed. The next day, we had a leadership council with them and the other zone-leaders. In these meetings we usually talk about tactics and how to help our missionaries be successful, but yesterday they wanted to teach about doctrine, as it is what changes us(Alma 31:5). We had a question and answer with them about the Plan of Salvation for about an hour and a half...we could ask anything, and I learned some incredible things that I don´t want to write in this email. Let it suffice to say that they have studdied the scriptures a lot....a lot...a lot.

I love you all and pray for you daily. Have a great week and be safe! 

Elder Harries

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