Thursday, September 24, 2015

Monumento Week 12


Quote of the Week: "It´s weird. I know who I am, but I have no idea what I am doing" -Elder Rackham

Thanks again for your emails and the love and concern you show towards me! I love you all and pray for you daily! I have had a great week and hope to share some more details with you:) I´m trying mom:)

This will be the last week together with Elder Rackham. I would be lying if I didn´t say I will miss him. I have learned so much from his example, but more than anything he and I are so similar. It was fun to spend time together, and get to the point where we basically know whats going on inside the other´s head the whole time. He will be attending BYU as well, so I think we might end up rooming together. We´ll see. 

Unfortunately Paola who was planning on a baptism this week will not be able to. We haven´t given up completely on her, but she hasn´t shown great desires to go to church and keep other commitments. I have learned so much about the importance of a commitments here in the mission and being true to our word. Those who keep commitments are usually those who are the happiest and accomplish more. 

We had a Stake activity on Saturday to celebrate the National Independence Day, which will be the 18th. It was a huge success. We had about 8 investigators there, but unfortunately only 3 ended up going to church. I guess the activity lasted long at night and they were tired:) However, two of the investigators, Luisa and Rolando, came to all three hours on Sunday and loved it. We actually found them about a week ago. Rolando opened the door drunk, and told us to come in. Usually we never do, but I looked at Elder Rackham and we felt we should. They loved the activity and Luisa, who is about 68 and mother of Rolando, made tons of friends in the Relief Society. I feel that they will be our next baptism!

This week was a bit difficult in finding people to teach. We were recieving rejection after rejection and finally we talked to this man who was sweeping his patio. He told us to enter and just broke down. His wife had just been rushed off to the hospital. He said he was praying that he could recieve some help. He said he shared with the missionaries about 20 years ago, but lost contact with them, but that he wants to go to church and find out if this is the true church. 

I love this work. I know that it is true. Anyone who reads the Book of Mormon sincerely and asks God to know of its veracity will come to know by the Holy Ghost that it is of God. Ximena is already in 3 nephi!!! I love hearing new converts explain the feeling of the Holy Ghost. Each one has shared it in such a unique but unmistakable way as to give me complete confidence that God will respond. I know this is God´s Kingdom and no one will stop it. I love you all and miss you too!

Elder Harries

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