Monday, January 5, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 16

Painting with Lizardo

Yessenia, Who Dane knew. Sorry the picture is bad...


How great it was to talk with the family on Christmas! I forgot how amazing and wonderful you all are! I miss you all, but know that I am very happy and content where I am! It was such an incredible experience to hear your voices and feel of your love and support. Your advice and words of encouragement were exactly what I needes.Thanks for making serving a mission so easy! I wish we could have had a bit more time to respond to questions, but write me any that you have and I´ll be sure to respond...haha

This week was a bit less productive than I would have liked due to Christmas and all, but still we were able to get some progress in our sector. Friday we had to go to the dentist because Elder Palacios chipped a tiny bit of his tooth biting tape....he really wanted to get it checked out and fixed. It turned out that he has some pretty bad cavities so we will be going back the next two preparation days:) Needless to say Friday was not very productive or fun:) 

However we had some miracles this week and strived to teach the doctrine of the Santa Cena, as all of you advized. Thanks to your great insights we were able to help 8 menos activos attend this Sunday! (two of which were to girls (16 and 12) of a menos active family that we teach who came on there own!) The most we´ve had yet! Thanks so much for the help and prayers!

So something crazy happened yesterday at Church! We were about to leave and one of the members comes up to me and asks, "Do you know Dane Baltich???" My heart jumped! It turns out He baptized her and her mom 14 years ago when they lived in the Barrio 4 Poniente, Olympo/Maipu stake! She saw a picture of me on his Facebook, and she recently moved to our ward. Her name is Yessena Agurto Rodriguez and is planning on serving a mission! She gave a great talk in our sacrament meeting this week! We have talked before, butI had no idea!!! It was so powerful and cool to see this miracle!! Please tell Dane!

I am thouroghly convinced in the power of having goals! I hope that as we roll into the next year that we can set our goals high and then make plans to be diligent in the little things that will be necesary to accomplish them. I know that God lives. Jesus is the Christ. I am proud to represent Him and testify of His Gospel to all the world!
 Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is thepower of God unto salvation to every one that believeth!

Happy New Year!

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