Sunday, January 18, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 18


First off Happy Birthday Dad!!!! 51!!!!!!! Wow you are old..half way down the hill and with some momentum:) Just playing, I know you are still 20 years old at heart. Too bad that I could not be there to experience it with you, I love you and appreciate all you have taught me these past 19 years!!

Well for new this week...I don´t have transfers. Elder Palacios did. I will be staying in my sector and will be training! I am excited to recieve a fresh new companion from the MTC, which will be a really big responsibility. I just finished my training 6 weeks ago...Tomorrow we go to the temple before we recieve our new companions. I am so excited as I have truly missed attending the temple. Because I am training, I am basically gauranteed two changes with my new companion. That means I will have been here in Villa Sur for more than 7 months when I leave. 

Elder Palacios and I experienced many miracles this week. We put a strong emaphsis on calling every possible ward member to accompany us and we had great results!!! We had 3 members attend church for the first time in years! We also had two investigators attending and progressing toward baptism. I know that when we work with the members we can do a lot more and strengthen the members as well!

This week we also had interviews with President Barreiros. He is an amazing man. We were not able to talk very long, but the short time we did I felt his love for me and the missionaries. He has a lot of responsibilities and handles everything with patience and love. He taught me a lot in the interview and helped me set some goals for the mission.

I apologize for writing so late and so little. We had a meeting with president and the elders who will be training. We don´t really have a preparation day now, and are short on time, a we have to start working at 6. I love you all and promise more details next week!!!

Elder Harries

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