Monday, January 19, 2015

Villa Sur II Week 19


Well I am training! This week flew by! For me at least! I am sure it felt like an eternity for Elder Rivera! He is fresh from Ecuador and turned 18 in October! He keeps up pace and has a lot of faith and we have seen many miracles. Elder Rivera is really kind and humble, and I am sure that as we put our confidence in the Lord we will have much success. He is the first to serve a mission from his family, and at times feels a lot of pressure to be perfect. I am trying to give him confidence and help him relax and let the Spirit guide. We (trainers) were able to go to the temple on Tuesday before recieving our new companions. This really fortified and has helped me this past week. I love the temple!

We saw many miracles this week! Principally was that we had a man attend church for the first time in over 30 years! He was a previous Elder´s Quorum President! We found him contacting, as he wasn´t in the records and he told us not to pressure him, but that he saw us as a second chance from the Lord. He has read close to 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon already (unheard of in Chile), and came to Sacrament meeting all on his own. He is really excited to change and I cannot wait to see him progress and take full advantage of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Please say a pray for Eustakio.

On Sunday, Bishop Yanez came up to me before Sacrament meeting and asked me to give a talk. I was so thrilled! It was funny because I had thought previously that week that it was strange that I hadnt given a talk yet. I didn´t know what to speak about, but then I felt the distinct prompting to speak about the Atonement. I started from the Pre-existence, the Creation, the Fall and necesisty for an Atonement. And then how we can use Grace to become better. I think I might have lost some people, but I have never in my life had such a powerful experience. I had no notes, only the Book of Mormon, and as I was speaking the words just came. I am positive that I learned more than anyone else.

We have some really great investigators, one name Cristobal and another named Mario. They both basically asked to be baptized! They both were firm in their commitment to come to church until the morning came and they both had some mishap and had to go to the doctor or help a family member. It was pretty sad. 3 other investigators also had a similar excuse. Elder Rivera and I have been fasting for success and for the Spiritual awareness to know how to help people progress! However we did have two attend! Marisol and Scarlett!

I know the Lord is a Lord of Miracles!  I love you all!

Love, Elder Harries

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