Monday, June 15, 2015

Las Naciones Week 10


Well it sounds like things are going well for all at home! What a crazy week! Sounds like things are finally begining to settle down! We had a great week here in Las Naciones. I am really starting to feel at home here and get to know the people better. I really am starting to feel myself have a true love and interest in the well-being of these people. I love Chile, but even more, I love being a missionary here. I love being able to testify of Christ and His miraculous Atonement. It is real and it can change us!

It was a great week for Anibal! He participated a lot in the youth activities and also in a "Noche de Hogar" for the single adults. He is very outgoing and friendly, and has progressed more rapidly than any investigator I have ever met! He is literally a miracle and will be baptized this Saturday! Please keep him in your prayers this week!!!! It was very powerful after our lesson on Friday when he told me, "I was talking to some of the kids in the church, and they mentioned the mission. I want to serve one." I love this work. The joy that comes from helping someone come unto Christ is so sweet. As Ammon, I know that I am nothing, but that if we strive our best, we can become instruments in the Lord´s hands (Alma 26:12).

We went to Cerro San Cristobal today as a Zone. It is a hill in the middle of the city. I took a bunch of pictures, but again, the computer won´t allow me to upload them. I hope to send some next week. It was a lot of fun!

I would be amis if I didn´t recognize you Dad! Have a great father´s day! I love you and truly admire your dedication to the Lord. You have been my example in everything since I was a little boy, and continue to be. I am so grateful for the love and lessons you have taught me. I cannot express how proud I am to be your son! Thanks for everything!

I studdied this talk a lot this week:

 I love how clear it is. When we truly understand these principles, our vision of life and decisions completely changes! I Invite you to study it along with Alma 42:22-25. I love you all and will miss you dearly this week!!!!


Elder Harries

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