Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Las Naciones Week 6

Happy Mother's Day!


Well not much new from yesterday....except that we are going to have a baptism tomorrow! haha yes a baptism!!! I know that God is a god of miracles and wants to grant the righteous desires of our hearts!

After Skype we went to go drop off a pot that we used for lunch at a members home. She was visibly distraught and we asked what was wrong. She told us that she had a lot of sadness and asked for a blessing of comfort. We went in with her and her "husband"(they aren´t married) who is not a member. She, Viviana, is a returned missionary and has been living with Hugo for many years after they both had separated from their spouses and found eachother.

Hugo has been meeting with the missionaries and attending church since Elder Palacios was in this sector(i dont know if I told you Elder Palacios started his mission in this sector). He wants to be baptized but they cant because they aren`t married and thus not living the law of chastity. We helped them get some lawyers and start the process to get divorced and married, but because of Chilean law we expected about 7 months for it to finish. 

Well we sent in and she just basically started balling because in church today there was a talk about the law of Chastity. She said that she felt so much guilt and pain that it was unbearable and had to leave and sit in a room. We shared Alma 36 about the pain and grief that Alma the younger felt, and that it was a natural part in the process of repentance and served to bring her to Christ and motivated her to change. Then I gave her a blessing and we left.

Long story short she called me that night and said that Hugo wants to be baptized as soon as possible, because Hugo leaves for work for a week on tuesday night and they are going to live separated until their marriage! Hugo loves Elder Palacios and he leaves a week from today, and want Elder Palacios to baptize him!! So Tuesday morning we are going to have a baptism. I am kind of uneasy about it because that means he wont get confirmed for about 12 days...a lot of time, but the Zone Leaders said it was fine, and I also don`t want to hinder the faith that they are showing. I know that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ. What a joy to be a missionary and humbly watch God work miracles in the lives of others!!!!!

Elder Harries

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