Monday, June 29, 2015

Las Naciones Week 11


Once again I want to express I happy Father´s Day to you dad! I thought about you and am so grateful for your example of love and service. 

Well this week was incredible! The baptism of Anibal went so well! We were able to visit him every day leading up to Saturday, and it is incredible how well he has progressed! He is very intelligent and after each reading assignment in the Book of Mormon he gives us an in-depth analysis and explication of what he read. He keeps on sharing with us his desires to serve a mission and share the word. After his confirmation he called us and asked to accompany us...he did so from 4 to 9 on Sunday and asked if he could again today from 6 to 9. We are so blessed to have met him. As a side note he also plays for the the Cadet team for "La U" one of the best soccer teams in the country. 

Needless to say it was a special week for Elder McDermott and me! I was so excited that Elder McDermott was able to baptize him! The first time he has baptized someone! It was a special day, but unfortunately few member came to the baptism. We called and invited many, and many said they would come, but I think they were all tired from the soccer game the night before...its Copa America time. Its crazy. we have to be in the pension at 8:30when they play the whole world shuts down!

I was studying in Preach My Gospel this morning and thinking about the reasons I am here serving a mission. It truly is because I have felt the Savior´s love in my own life. I realized that it is impossible to feel God´s love for us and not at the same time feel an increased love for all of His children. I know that He lives. He loves us! Have a great week and Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Harries

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