Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Las Naciones Week 5


I cant wait to skype you all too!!! Hope that we can get it all to work. This week was a good one and I hope to make this email longer than the last. I know you want details, so here is my best attempt;)

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of going to the temple!!!!!  I ran into President and Hermana Doll there and we talked for a bit! They are really great and reminded me of Grandpa and Grandma Barnes who used to be there:) It was so incredilbe! I cannot even explain the pure peace and joy that I felt there, and I recieved so much "animo" to get back to work. I loved more than anything how neat, clean, and quiet it is...something that at times lacks in Chile. It makes me sad that more people dont attend, and that so many people have no idea what they are missing. It made me want to work extra hard to get people to the temple. One of the biggest challenges for a missionary is to help one expand their vision and see the big picture. Once they can understand the doctrine of the Plan of Salvation, the motives to act, and the action naturally takes place.

I have been waking up thirty minutes early for this whole change, so that I can get a longer personal study. In addition to studying Preach my Gospel everyday I made the goal to read the Book of Mormon 3 times, DyC and New Testament once before next general conference. I love the Scriptures!! Each day I find new truths that expand my mind and make me want to learn more. I love it!!! It is really neat as a missionary to see that each day what you study is directly aplicable to the need of someone we teach that day. I can´t tell how many times that has happened.

We had a couple attend church this week with their daughter named Jose and Mirena. They enjoyed it and were impressed by the testimony meeting. We are excited to help them progress to baptism, please say an extra prayer for them!!

This week I felt the Spirit very strongly in all of my lessons. I have been praying with a lot more conviction, and applying DYC 103:36, advice from President (also advice from Shanel:)). Prayer is such a powerful tool, and at times we take it for granted. I know that when we express our heart´s desires and ask for the Spirit we recieve the righteous desires on Gods time, but we must ask!!! I love you all and I cant wait to see you in less than a week!!! 
"Accepting Gods will also means accepting His timing" Elder Nelson..i think!


Elder Harries

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