Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Las Naciones Week 7


I apologize in advance for how short this email is....We had a great week and Hugo was confirmed. We had the biggest miracle finding him a place to stay...a member just moved out of his house to study in Peru. They offered the room for Hugo! I know that God blesses those who keep His commandments and take a leap of faith!

I have seen the Lord´s hand direct and watch over His children so many times every day. I know that He lives! Thanks for all the love and for your examples of goodness!!

I wrote a poem this week that is based on Ether 12:27 about using grace to change weaknesses into strengths...hope dad, shanel or nathan can translate the spanish for you...

Ether 12:27
And if men come unto me I will show unto them theirweakness. I give unto men weakness that they may behumble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humblethemselves before me; for if they humble themselvesbefore me, and have faith in me, then will I make weakthings become strong unto them.

Changed by Grace

Who I was is not who I am.
Who I am is not who i´ll be. 
The changes I´ve made by His hand
Have opened my eyes that I may see.

He´s taught me when, what, how and why 
Esta vida hay que vivir.
He´s changed my heart and heard my cry--
Opened my ears that I may hear.

But all the time I trip and fall-- 
Each day, each hour, one more mistake.
En ser perfecto yo soy mal
But with his Grace a change I make.

Esfuerzo por ser mi mejor
To be who he would have me be.
Y gracias a Su gran Amor
From my weakness he sets me free.

At times the mountains seem so high
Que nadie las puede subir.
But with the Master as my guide
A los cielos puedo ir.

Ser perfecto es mi deseo
But for right now my best will do.
Con fe en Él sé que puedo
Dejar el mal por rectitud.

Cada día hay que vencer
The weaknesses that leave a scar.
Confio en Él y so poder--
Solo Él me puede sanar.

"Venid a mi" nos invitó--
A Él siempre yo iré.
Aunque perfecto no soy yo,
Por Su gracia yo cambié.

Elder Harries

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