Sunday, January 24, 2016

Talagante Week 11


So this week flew by! I dont know where to begin. We have done many exchanges and I have gotten to know better the missionaries in the Zone. It is still going great being in a trio, as each companion´s personality and strengths help each other out. Elder Clegg and Elder Peterson are both very good people and we all get along well.

Mauricio is progressing very well! He made it too church and loved it. He is struggling a bit witht he Word of Wisdom, so please pray for him. We gave him a blessing and will be fasting for him. He is a very humble and good guy. Definitely a future missionary!

I am happier than ever here in the mission. Last night before going in for the night, I felt that we should knock one more door, of a man that I saw enter his house earlier that day. We knocked the door and he told us that he wanted to talk to us. He started bawling and shared with us an experience that has weighed on him for years. He wants to be baptized. I know that the Spirit is the most powerful tool in the work and that we must learn how to follow it to have success.

I learned some cool stuff about repentance, that I think could help dad in his calling. The word Repentance int the Old Testament originated from Hebrew, shube, which means to return to God. In the New Testanment written in greek it is metaneoreo, which means change the spirit, heart, thoughts. Only in Latin, where english gets the work it is peontonio(i think thats how it is spelled) which means punishment or pain. When we understand that repentance is not as much for punishment, but for change and to bring us back to God, It makes the process much easier. have a great week!!

Elder Harries

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