Sunday, January 10, 2016

Talagante Week 9


Thanks for the emails and love! This week we had a great time! Pia was baptized and her whole family came to support her. It was so powerful as her older sister, who is preparing to serve a mission bore her testimony about the importance of being true to the covenants we make and enduring to the end despite what happens. I feel safe that Pia will do so with such a great example as an older sister.

I passed the new year in the pension of 3 other elders as I was on divisions. We all went to be early, and then suddenly one of the Elders from Brazil came in the room and asked for a blessing. He had called President, telling him that he wants to go home. His mom is really sick and he was feeling home sick. It broke my heart. After the blessing we all talked, and another elder who was also from Brazil began to tell him all the reasons why he should stay etc. I was pretty silent. (The elder who wanted to go home didn´t really like me too much, because a few months ago we didn´t give him permission to buy shoes during the week, instead of P-day. Anyway, ever since then he´s been a bit cold toward me). Then, suddenly I felt myself begin to speak and ask him questions. I told him how much I loved and respected him for his service in the Zone. I got choked up. I don´t think i had ever felt the Spirit direct my words like that before. As I left the next morning, I left him a note and the talk by Elder Anderson about the faith of a young Brazilian. It was a very tender experience. That night he called me and told me he felt much better and wanted to stay. I am so grateful to have been there in divisions so that I could know what was happening. It was one of the most special experiences of the mission for me.

Elder Peterson and I are working very hard to help the Zone, and at the same time not forget about our own area. We have made many plans to improve the work between the missionaries and members and have met with the Stake president to share plans.

I feel very happy to be here in the mission. I have never been so stretched emotionally, physically, mentally...each time I climb one mountain, I realized theres one more behind it. I love it. I am learning how masterful of a teacher the Lord is. I know He lives. I know that this is His work. I am happy to be here. I don´t really want anything else but to help others come unto Him. Have a great week. You´re in my prayers. :)
Elder Harries

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