Sunday, January 10, 2016

Talagante Week 4

Quote of the week: "Es pecado ser perezoso."
"It is a sin to be lazy" -Hermana Barreiros


This week was great! Filomena got baptized! I cant believe we baptized an 81 year old! Haha she turned 82 yesterday! So much time and wisdom. Unfortunately her daughters didnt attend the service, but the ward did and she felt a lot of support. She was a great sport and couldn´t wipe the smile off of her face. Both Elder Brophy and I got in the font to help her up and out of it. It was a great experience.

We have been teaching a part-member family and have an investigator named Cony that is progressing very well. We also have another invesitgator named Alex who is 19. Both have baptism dates planned for the 12 of December, please say a prayer for them so that they can continue to progress.

We saw a huge fire on Sunday. A tree behind someones house caught on fire and a huge field went up in flames! It was the largest fire I have ever seen! Probably 50 feet tall. Tons of firetrucks came and put it out, luckily no houses were burnt down and no one got hurt. It was right next to our home so we were pretty freaked out.

I had a great week, with some ups and downs. I know that we have to know the bitter so we can taste the sweet. After some rough days, we had a bundle of joy on the weekend with Filomena. I want to write more, but I have to go...have a great week! Love you all and take care!

Con Amor,
Elder Harries

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