Sunday, January 10, 2016

Talagante Week 6


How great to hear from you! It sounds like you are all very busy! How great that you can all be involved in the service of others during this Christmas season. It appears to me that you all understand well the true meaning of Christmas and I appreciate your examples to me!

This week has been a great one as always! I never cease to be amazed as the Lord´s hand has shown itself over and over again in my life...especially here in the mission. What mom wrote to me about the talk from Elder Holland (How cool was that!?!) stood out to me as it is one of the truths I have learned here in the mission: The Lord can only heal a broken heart. I feel that so many times I am so prideful and impatient, that the Lord has to try me and test me until I finally humble myself and recognize His hand in everything. Never once has He abandoned me; looking back I see His hand in every aspect and detail of the mission. Why is this pattern so hard to see going forward?

Well the windows of heaven have been opened again:) We have found some incredible investigators that are progressing brilliantly! The first is Hugo! He is a very humble man with much faith! We contacted him outside of his house as he was doing some yard work. We couldn´t get a hold of him for about a week and then this Friday we found him. He has embraced the message of the Restoration! He read the pamplet 3 times in preparation for the visit on Saturday. We taught him the Restoration and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. Yesterday we got there and had read over 30 pages(unheard of). He said(i´m paraphrazing), "I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. This book is true. I want to be baptized." He is a single man of about 60. He just recently separated from his wife. Please pray for him.

We also are teaching a man who is the husband of a less active woman. Her family is very active in the church and she has been absent for the past few years. She is very pregnant, like popable pregnant, and I think this has made them more receptive to the chruch. We are teaching her husband Diego, and he is very receptive. We had our second lesson yesterday with him and we brought over his wife susana´s brother who served his mission in Utah. The man was one of the best teachers I have ever seen. The Spirit was so strong and I don´t think anyone in the world could disbelieve what was taught. It is so important to use the members to teach! He accepted baptism as well!

We also are teaching the daugther of a family who is returning to church. She will be baptized in january.

I am sad to say that Elder Brophy has changes and I will be recieving a new companion. It feels like we finally got started together...I know that God lives and that He is the one who pours out these miracles! Have a great Christmas!!!

Elder Harries

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